The Lords’s Prayer in Blonde Understanding

This morning I was studying my Precepts on Joshua while I was at the Doctor’s office with my Father, who has Parkinsons Disease.  I was reading about Israel and I thought about Jerusalem and I turned to him and said, “What does the Lord’s Prayer mean?”  Don’t ask me why this came to my head but it did.

We say it alot, our children say it before and after athletic events but is it something we have just memorized?  For me it was. So i starting telling Dad what I thought it meant to me and it really means something different than when i use to just say it from memory.  This is the way God has allowed me to see what the Lord’s Prayer means to me.

“Our Father in heaven” – My FATHER, My CREATOR, up there in Heaven.
“Hallowed be your name” Not only are you HOLY (set apart) but your name is too.       “Your kingdom come” – I am acknowleding that God’s kingdom is coming when Christ returns here on earth so we can have eternal life.  We will live forever.  WOW!!!                  “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” – HIS will is for us to allow Christ to come into our lives and really live inside us.  Not be selfish. Not live for what we want but for HIS Purpose like in heaven.  Praise HIM .                                                                                                “Give us today our daily bread” – Allow me to go in my Closet, Close t (Close to Christ). Allow me to  Wear, W ear  (His Word be put in my ear, my mind). Allow my Heart to  Hear t (Hear Christ).                                                                                                                                  “Forgive us our debts” -Ask for forgiveness of my sins
“As we forgive our debtors” – Allow me to forgive others.
“Lead us not into temptation” – Allow me to see when the enemy is tempting me.  And you do when i read your word.
“But deliver us from the evil one” – When I am not able to see the enemy tempt me, protect me from Him.  Allow me to put on The Armour of God.                                                   “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever” – FATHER, you are HOLY and MIGHTY and you are to be PRAISED for ever and ever. AMEN.

After telling my Father this He said, “I never knew it meant that. But I understand it now.”

Thank you Christ for allowing me to explain to my Father, who is losing his memory from this dreaded disease, to understand this prayer.


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