Just sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale
A tale of a fateful blonde
Born in deep, dark roots
In a world of fleshly con. 

The mate was a arrogant, usurper
Living inside of her
Using enticement, deception and falsehood
For a forty seven year tour
A forty seven year tour.

Her life started getting rough
The blonde’s world was tossed
If not for the Power of the Holy One
She would be lost
She would be lost.

Her fleshly living set ground on the passions of this world
With Greed
Jealousy too
Her Materialism and diamonds
Her Selfish Style
Her Anger and Rage
Here on Debbie’s Isle.

So this is her tale of Redemption
That was only in His time
She’s living a peaceful life
It’s been an uphill climb.

Her Savior and her friends too,
Are loving on her everyday
So she can plant lots of seeds
So Christ can have His way.

Prayer, His Word and Godly friends
Bring wisdom and discernment,
Like Daniel, Jeremiah and Joshua
Showing so much yearnment.

So join her here each day, my friend
You’re sure to get a smile
From a Redeemed sinner
Here on Debbie’s Isle.


One Response to “DEBBIE’S ISLE”

  1. 10debbie Says:

    You are a goob

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